Campus Computing Project Survey: Attitudes to Open Educational Resources

The Campus Computing Project, in collaboration with Inside Higher Education, publishes an annual national survey of senior university administrators regarding their views on critical planning and policy issues that affect American colleges and universities. Among the several topics addressed in the 2015 survey (published today) is the issue of open educational resources (OER). The survey reveals that over four-fifths of the survey participants (representing 417 two- and four-year public and private colleges and universities) agree that affordable educational textbooks and other OER content “’will be an important source for instructional resources in five years’” and will provide “a viable, very low cost alternative to expensive textbooks.” However, Kenneth C. Green, founding director of the Campus Computing Survey, while viewing OER materials as a viable substitute for these costly textbooks is concerned “about the absence of infrastructure to support OER – the editors, fact-checkers, instructional designers and others who add value, as well as costs, to the development of commercial textbooks and course materials.” Download the Executive Summary & Graphics.