DOAJ: Twelve New Developments

doaj_logo_newThere are currently 10,397 journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). 6,223 of the journals are searchable at the article level. There are 1,868,130 articles in toto.

DOAJ is making strenuous efforts to ensure that only high quality journals are included in its Directory. As reported by SPARC, DOAJ “recently implemented a rigorous new vetting process that aims to raise the bar of quality for the journals it lists and filters out publications that are tarnishing the image of Open Access.” This process includes an enhanced application form that must be completed by the publisher.

In a news release issued today DOAJ announced twelve new developments that aim to improve the Directory as well help to ameliorate the overall quality of OA publishing. The specific goals of this project are to

  • improve the visibility of individual articles, both locally in DOAJ and outside in
    external search engines
  • improve overall discoverability in, and linking from, external databases
  • improve metadata extraction for re-use
  • give visibility to new datasets from the information we are collecting in the new application form with a level of granularity we’ve never had before
  • update the UI and add better browsing
  • add a much needed visualisation for existing continuations and ultimately, the management of new ones
  • reduce DOAJ’s overall response times

The full press release.