Monitoring the Transition to Open Access

Monitoring the Transition to Open Access is a recently published report commissioned by Universities UK Open Access Co-ordination Group to highlight distinct trends about and provide dependable indicators to the transition to open access in the UK.

The main trends and indicators include: OA options available to authors; accessibility; usage; financial sustainability for universities; financial sustainability for learned societies.

The report is quite long (103 pages). However, there’s a 4 page overview of the report’s background, key findings, and proposed next steps provided as one of Universities UK Open Access factsheet series:

Particularly interesting are the following general findings of the report:

• There has been strong growth in both the
availability of OA options for authors, and in
their take-up.
• UK authors are ahead of world averages,
particularly in their take-up of the OA option in
hybrid journals, and in their posting of articles
on websites, repositories and other online
• Take-up of OA publishing models means that
universities’ expenditure on article processing
charges (APCs) has increased too, and it now
represents a significant proportion of their total
expenditure on journals.
• It is too early to assess the extent of any
impact of OA on the finances of learned